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Port Fowarding - Westell


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I cannot configure port forwarding for a streaming audio radio show on my westel a90(latest version). The application works perfectly when I add my laptop to the DMZ. But if I configure to use port 8000 it for some reason sends out SYNC packets and then stops. I managed to somehow get it working several months ago by tweaking the range of open ports from lik 5000-9000, set to both TCP and UPD – dynamic, but now its not working. I used netstat –anop to test if the connection initiates. I see the SYNC but its like to stops immediately after the first handshake. The modem is set to medium security. Any suggestions?

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What audio streaming application are you using?

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media player classic and rhythmbox. Both applications work fine if the PC is setup in the DMZ or if the files are on http ports. the problem i think is software firewall on my modem. I think its opening just an outbound port (8000) without honoring the server's request for additional info.

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