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How Many 'infusions' Can You Install On The Mark4?


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looking through the list of available infusions, there are many that i would like to install...

I was just wonder, as the pineapple has a limited amount of memory, (unsure how much) how many can i install to the pineapple itself?

Also, is there an easy way to uninstall these?


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Indeed the pineapple only has limited memory.

To counter this, it is possible to set up a USB drive and use the pineapple bar to install infusions to USB. The pineapple bar will notice if you have a correctly set up USB stick plugged in and will allow you to install them there.

It is not really possible to give you an estimate of how many infusions you can install as they are all different sizes and it depends on what you have on your pineapple already.

Uninstalling infusions is just as simple as installing. Simply click the remove link once the infusion is installed. You cannot currently install / remove multiple infusions at once. One at a time.

Best Regards,


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