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What To Expect With Yagi Antenna


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So far I've used the standard omni antennas that come with the AWUS036H.

In the mail are a panel and yagi antenna due to arrive shortly. I understand the principles behind the yagi and how its elements are designed to focus EMF. All over the internet I found reports of huge distance due to this. I have a few questions:

- The yagi design makes sense for sending signals long range. However, can it receive long range too? Does its design help to capture signals more effectively?

- Adding on to previous question - I know ALFA's can be set to transmit a full 1 watt (or more) for those in Bolivia... Would that be useless because no matter how powerfully it transmits, it is limited by the transmission power of the other device? Is it only helpful is there are two ALFAs both set to 1 watt?

I plan to test my new antennas - I live by a mountain and there's a road going up it that keeps line of sight with my house. I plan to put a standard plain (omni antenna) wifi router on my roof. What should I expect? How can I test packet loss and those types of things (I'm still struggling to understand dBm vs RSSI vs other mystical voodoo I don't know yet). Reading references would be appreciated!

These things fascinate me and I'm excited to experiment. Thanks!

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