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[Fixed][Bug][Suggestion] Mk4 Checking Of Upgrade.bin


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I find that I am changing my upgrade files from upgrade-2.4.1.bin to upgrade.bin in order for the upgrade process to work. I keep a copy and a text file of MD5's and every time there is a new firmware or beta I have to go through this process.

It would be nice if it just checked that the file was a .bin extension.

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When the firmware is downloaded from the website, it is named "upgrade.bin".

I have multiple folders, one per firmware, with a txt file per firmware revision with MD5 for archival purposes in case and older version is needed for development.

If you need/want and older revision you will need to edit the name of the .bin file to "upgrade.bin"

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This is actually a bug. You can already (since version 2.3.1) upload any file as long as it is in this form: upgrade*.bin.

The problem currently is that we overlooked the md5sum check to not check for only upgrade.bin but for upgrade*.bin.

That is the reason why when you do, you receive the MD5 error message.

This will be fixed in the next bugfix release.



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