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Changing The Ip + Internet For The Pineapple


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Hello everyone,

I'm a new pineapple user with the mark IV, running FW 2.0.0

my 2 questions are:

1. can i change the ip address of the device? if so, do i do it form the interface or from SSH using ifconfig ?

2. would it be possible to connect it to my home router in order to get connected to the net? would i just need the same network and to define the gateway as the router's gateway ?

Thanks so much for taking the time to help me out,

All the best,


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you change network stuff in /etc/config/network I think, but messing with that is risky, and when you do you may need to issue the proper iptable commands for it to work as well,

for connecting to your home router you can do that by using the other ethernet jack, the proper instructions are somewhare on these boards.

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