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2-Step Authentication For Just Some Users


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I have enabled google-2-step authentication on /etc/pam.d/sshd , but I want to know if there is any way I can create an exception to allow some specific users to login without using this method of authentication.

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Ok, there is a fix for this here .

It uses a patch . I can't guarantee this patch is safe, but it seems to work fine on my Centos installation.

wget http://google-authenticator.googlecode.com/files/libpam-google-authenticator-1.0-source.tar.bz2
tar -xvf
cd libpam-google-authenticator-1.0

nano ignore_nofile.patch
#paste the contents of the patch, then ctrl + x, Y.

patch < ignore_nofile.patch
make install

service sshd restart

Then, if the user you are trying to login haven't set up his 2-step authentication with


The system will jump to password authentication.

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