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New Pineapple Owner - Little Help...


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Hey all, just got my Mark IV in the mail late Friday night and despite my normal tendencies I actually read the accompanying docs. I am having a bit of trouble however.

I can connect over wireless and get an IP, but using gets me nothing, I found a help topic here in the forum mentioning (not in any docs I have) which got me to the interface, however trying port 1471 still gets be nothing. (I did enable Karma from the web page before trying it).

I am also unable to get an IP with the device connected via a Cat5 cable. I confirmed that the PC is set for DHCP, but regardless of which port (LAN\WAN versus LAN\POE) I still get a link light but no IP address.

Do I need to set a static on my machine (like in tethered mode) or should the device be getting an IP from DHCP on the pineapple? I need to upgrade firmware, but it sounds like I need to get this sorted first as firmware update from WLAN isn't recommended.

I did buy the USB-to-5V adapter and have been powering the pineapple that way, not sure if I need the wall wart for DHCP to work, I wouldn't think so, but I'm just throwing that out there...

Any help would be appreciated.


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The pineapple mk4 is accessible via web interface at Port 1471 was for the older pineapple (pre-mk3) it is also accessible via ssh port 22 (default) if connecting via ethernet set the computers ethernet adaptor to a static address of and subnet mask the firmware upgrade can then be up loaded via the web interface or scp'ed to /tmp/ and upgraded.

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I would try using the ac adapter to rule power issues out, second If you can log into the ui I would flash the latest firmware to rule out software glitch.

and you should be able to get an ip through dhcp on the poe, the doc that came with my mark4 explains how to set up ICS for windows and linux.

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Thanks for the guidance guys. I was using the USB to 5V adapter from the Hak shop to power the Pineapple, for some reason it didn't like that, as soon as I switched to the wall wart I was able to get an address from DHCP.

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I had trouble initally connecting also. You must use a crossover on the POE port. For the interface, use FireFox over IE.

Follow all the other settings as described. To tell if you have the correct type of cable, you can do a search on the internet. There are pictures of wire patterns by color.

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