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Proxmox 2.1 And .vmdk


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eh there guys,

I'm attempting to install a virtual firewall to my proxmox server(thanks for the show on this one Hak5!!!) the issue is that it's a vmdk that i need to get on there somehow but there's nothing resembling a basic guide to putting a vmdk on there and get it running.

thanks in advance!

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I know some Virtual Machine software, allows converting, or just have native support for different VM HDD Containers, but not all are compatible. If google doesn't show any way to do it, you could try seeing if it can be done via QEMU and some other scripting, but more than likely Proxmox will not open a vmware virtual HDD depending on the version of VMware that it was created with and the version of proxmox and what it has support for.


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with the roll out of proxmox 2.0 they setup native support for .vmdks, i can make a VM with a vmware disk right in the qui...i just can't seem to figure out how to move the one i already have over and get it running.

Did you check that link I posted? I think they mention how to edit and point to it(but I could be wrong)

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