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Change Rout?


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I often play internet, some time do I get bad lag and when using WinMTR I do see that is a server in Copenhagen that drop 10 to 75 % of mine packets, now I wounder if it is a way to change the rout mine packets are taking. When I trace the rout I come there* with 28 jumps, but my friend that has another ISP do come there with 11 jumps, can I in some way jump on that rout.

there* = SecondLife server.

P.S Sorry for the bad spelling, I am lazy and stupid.

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There are several things that could be affecting your ping response.

1) BitTorrent downloading

2) Router (eg: Firmware/hardware)

3) Too many processes running in your computer

4) Windows/Third Party apps downloading updates.

5) Slow internet speeds will generally increase your ping response.

You will find that most of the time, your own internet speed is what is causing the high pings. Go to speedtest.net and do a test to determine your actual internet speed. Upgrading your internet plan could offer you a better ping result.

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You could put a rule in your hosts file for the IP so it always times out and takes a diff route(hopefully - Unless its a core router of your ISP) -or- Reset your external IP address lease from the ISP. Either change your mac address on the router(if using one) or your PC if directly to the modem, then reboot the modem. The ISP will see a new MAC address, and issue you a new IP since the old lease will be tied to the previous MAC address. This can sometimes set you on a different subnet of the ISP and also change all routes/routers your path may go though.

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From the description, it sounds like the problem is not at the client end but at the ISP. One of the upstream routers between him and his destination has a bad route.

Contact your ISP and insist on talking to an engineer and explain the problem, show them the traceroute logs, they should be able to help you out (or contact the person who can help you out).

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