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Credential Harvester Not Redirecting


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When I use Credential Harvester on my internal LAN for example to clone facebook.com, once I enter in my username and password I get redirected to the real Facebook log-in page. When I use CH through NAT, everything works except the redirect. I end up getting a page that just shows an HTML tag meant to redirect me to the real log-in page.

<html><head><meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="0; url=https://login.facebook.com/login.php"></head></html>

Any idea how to fix this? I have gone through the set_config file and don't see anything in there that is set incorrectly. Any help would be great.



UPDATE: It seems to be an issue with the way CH tries to redirect using Meta refresh. This doesn't seem to be working, but works in IE and via a LAN attack in Firefox, but not when NAT'ed. Any ideas?

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