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Capturing Bluetooth With Ubertooth


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I followed HAK 5 episode 920 part 1 of 3 to set up ubertooth with back track. I was able to get it working but I can ONLY see broadcast packets form the devices. Even though I know that devices that I am using are discovering and pairing and connecting! I want to be able to see the actual packet transfer between each other so that I can reverse engineer the sessions.

I launch Kismet and choose ubertooth as the source, and I see that it is detecting packets. But then when I launch wireshark to read the pcpbtbb log file that was generated, I only see broadcast packets from each of the bluetooth devices. It doesn't really tell me anything other than they are out there.

Can you help?

Is it a problem with wireshark? or a problem with kismet? or a limitation of ubertooth one? How do I get to the point I can see it all?

Another issue, which is related and probably the reason for apparantly not getting the whole picture is that the ubertooth is listening to only one channel of the frequency-hopped spectrum... I would like to be able to capture actual handshaking and data traffic between bluetooth devices.

Thank you.

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