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[help] Can' T Get Into The Web Panel, Can Ssh Into Pineapple

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Hello Hak5 members,

Hereby I request your help, I am blocked out of the web panel though I can ssh into the pineapple.

Pineapple Version 2.3.1, on MKIV.

I got Karma on autostart, SSLSTRIP and URLSNARF on autostart.I looked on ps aux, and nothing of the sslstrip & urlsnarf pid.

Also I blacklisted my MAC adress (maybe that is the reason ... :S).

Thanks for the help in advance,


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Blacklisting your MAC will not allow you to connect over wifi.

Are you connecting on

Yup, I am connecting to .

Also I just tried it on another PC, other MAC. Still didn't work...


Got into it by SSH, edited the file /etc/rc.local. Removed the lines of SSLstrip & URLsnarf.

Now I am able to get into the web panel.

Just wanting to share it with other people who experience this problem.

Thanks for everything though, MR-Protocol.

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What were the commands you were using to start sslstrip, were you using iptable rules to divert traffic from port 80 to port 10000 (to enable sslstrip to read web traffic as a proxy) this will break the webui (although I think if you set yourself as static you can still access it) try binding ssltrip startup commands to your wps button, and then only activate it once you are finished using the webui.

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