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linux distro for file/ftp server?


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ubuntu claims to be good for servers http://www.ubuntu.org

I think debian is good but I've never used it for a server http://www.debian.org

if you want to play around this might work for you http://slampp.abangadek.com/wiki/HomePage

and for the required hak5ness http://www.freenas.org

well i tried slampp but theres something up with the video and it wont run the xserver deaming it practically useless cause i cant install it to the hard drive with out a hastle

i got freenas running on it, but everytime i reboot the machine for some reason i cant access the webgui again, anybody else have this problem with freenas?

for referance the machine im running this on is a duron 800 mhz, everything but ethernet is integrated, and i put some linksys card i had laying around in it, and its got a 4 gig hard drive and im hooking a 200 gig external to it for the bulk of the storage.

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i want the x server, because it makes it a hell of alot easier to configure the thing, and im not wanting to spend 8 hours with a command line configuring the thing.

Id rathe use the freenas anyway, its easy enough to set up but i cant figure out why the webgui stops working when i reboot the machine. its still connected to the network and registering the ip cause i can ping my other box from there, so i dont know what it is.

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