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<insert flame here>

* if you have a computer with the wifi password saved you can recover it google nirsoft wifi

* if you do not have the password you can reset it .. duh .. or https://www.cloudcracker.com

* mass deauth untill you have to reset the AP

* wifi wps hack or what ever the easy connect code button thing is ,,,

* you can also setup rouge AP and hijack a probe root the remote host and recover the pass with nirsoft util etc ..

now if you are talking about windows password (some talk about NT offline soooo not sure WTF you guys are asking ) use :

* mimikatz or WCE.exe or WCE32.exe

https://dl.dropbox.com/sh/llw7unn0hlptigj/aC5YSuyosX/masspwdumper.exe?dl=1 ( example input script for mimikatz )

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