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Pineapple 'elite Bundle'.

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Hi all, I see on the Hak5 shop they have an 'Elite Bundle' for sale;


This includes many items, including;

•4GB SanDisk Cruzer Fit

•Atheros USB WiFi Adapter

My question is, there is only 1 USB port on the pineapple. How are you going to connect 2 USB devices (SanDisk and WiFi Adapter) with 1 USB port? I tried to connect a USB hub but the pineapple didnt have the power to support it..... Also, if a USB hub can be used why isnt one included in the Elite Bundle?

Thanks in advance


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Hate replying to my own posts, make me feel schizophrenic :angry:

One more query. I see the Alfa WiFi adaptor is included in the 'Elite Bundle', but has anyone got this working fully yet with the pineapple? The posts I read on this forum no-one had got it up and running properly.... :(


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You're hub probably won't work because the pineapple doesn't have enough power for both devices.

If you want to use an USB hub you'll need to have a powered one, like you can find in the Hakshop and use a separate power source to power the hub, like a portable battery.

It might be a good idea for the Hak5 team to add the USB hub in the elite bundle indeed, since most people will need to purchase it afterwards anyway, like I have too, but due to shipping costs, which are more than the hub I'm buying it elsewhere.


I've read posts of people being able to use the ALFA, but I guess the support isn't that good yet.

I'm going to help on Pineapple development as soon as I get mine, with all those people helping the pineapple we'll get it to work for sure. So buy one and help developing the pineapple! ;)


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