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Usb Lcd Display

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Hello pineapple enthusiasts!

While waiting for my pineapple to arrive I have been brainstorming for ways to add functionality to it.

The thought occured to me to connect a USB display to read the state of current operations without needing to connect via computer or other device. Combine this with a properly configured teensy with three push buttons and you can have controls to navigate menus on the display and enable/disable features on the fly without the need for anything besides the pineapple.

While researching the feasibility of this idea I came across a guy who added a lcd display and gps to a router running open-wrt.


What do you all think?

Is there any reason this wouldn't work?


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Would be a great mod for the pineapple. I can't see why it can't be done :)

You could probably use the internal serial interface instead of the USB port ;)

I had considered that. However I worry about the serial port voltage levels. I believe I read that the pineapple uses 3.3v for the serial port. Most serial lcd displays I have seen use 5v. If I am wrong, however, that would be an excellent alternative.

I just received my pineapple today so I will tear into it as soon as I get off work.

I will be sure to post any additional info I come up with.


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So I just remembered I have this 4 X 20 lcd laying around that would be sweet to use for this.

Hopefully I can manage to get the buttons functioning as inputs to cycle through menu options.

That's a really nice LCD indeed :) and the pineapple uses 3.3V :( but USB is still an option :)

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So, a quick update. Turns out opkg can install lcd4linux and lcdproc however lcdproc is missing the driver for my specific display. Which is sad because I was able to use the buttons on my display to navigate menus when I was using lcdproc on my desktop. Might look into compiling it on the pineapple if I can find the source. Until that happens I am looking at lcd4linux. I have yet to get any output on the lcd using it though.

I will post again when I have made more progress.


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