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Iso 27001

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Hi there,

I was recently hired by a company to implement ISO 27001.

I have no experience with this norm, after having read a lot of documentation I started by creating the ISMS Scope Definition, the Inventory of Information assets and an ad hoc risk assesment.

I already got some templates from http://www.iso27001security.com/, got the iso27001 and iso27002 norm, I also started reading the "IT Baseline Protection Manual" to be used as a more structured risk analysis tool.

Can anyone point me to any nice other tools or docs to help me do this task?

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Why did you accept a job that you didn't understand how to do?

I took the job because I knew I could do it, I just need a little bit more info so I can finish the project.

I'm waiting to get some tutoring from behalf of the organization I work in and was trying to take that extra step so I can "show" some work.

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