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Solar Pineapple

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So I had actually thought about connecting a solar pannel to my pineapple (Little Shenanigans while out and about in the Desert here) , I found a store that sells the pannels with the DC end connector that fits my Mark IV. Only big question I have:

Should the pannel be at least 7v+ to deliver proper power?


Just saw the pineapple wall wart has a 12v output. Dang, the highest pannel with the built in connector is 7v.

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Going direct from panel to pineapple isn't advised, as the voltage will fluctuate with cloud cover (especially for those of us not in a desert). It's really best to have the panels go to a voltage regulator, then to a battery, and then to the pineapple. You can get a fancy solar reg that will bypass the batteries when full and power the pineapple direct when applicable.

Not saying you can't go direct, but its a far cry from solar "best practices".


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Yes, that panel/charge controller with a sealed 12v battery would do the job. The only concern is will it KEEP the battery topped off with juice given the use of the pineapple. Without testing it and seeing how much power it can supply when in its final location you cant absolutely determine that it will work in ALL situations Many variable can affect performance (amount of sun it gets or lack there of, Angle, shade, global latitude position, bounce, etc.)

For 36 bucks with prime it seems like a cool experiment And if you decide you need MORE power you could always combine 2 panels together.


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