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Pandora Wine (macos) Streaming Error


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trying to run the client under wine (macOS Lion)

I get the following error

Client: Fetching playlist ...

fixme:secur32:schan_imp_get_max_message_size Returning 1 << 14.

A certificate error occured. Ignoring.

Client: Starting playback of song Imogen Heap - "Hide And Seek (Tiesto's In Search Of Sunrise Remix)" on 'In Search Of Sunrise 6 : Ibiza' (ID cf324dde49332192af3622781b88ebab7e56ea7ca1bbfadb7e26630a62b9ced35f1d2856f076b00b869f690fb615af81ac07d0a7c31890fc)

StreamPlayer: Play URL http://audio-sjl-t1-2.pandora.com/access/6800844358558756843.mp3?version=4&lid=25972250&token=VeYZNttPNrUS6TvkmsjutCuUOyRVArXochJtp%2BrfwzfACiFxaGhEcpwQSle8LwJJ5LHn42G2BLxpBVSEdHlOlWxvhdbhjc%2F01mZHsfsJn7n7IhVsckd57VKsUu3bEQkBVd62E9n3%2BKh1dvozeX0sD9oexIquEbnWisf4bwQw7OtDl7WlDuf3pb3n3LPXAQaABLyl%2Bl%2FKb4mOAeTLAGGuTRSzyAvnLL4ruhD%2FvslgH0cNx4OGj3o3WvaFqXci7rqbvHX0zLpjTToKyiHfMoVT817aiyPD51UQWvnDKVXcGLM%2FR9nk1GBdpqvlTdhIHsw%2FtRPV4bScRBvbOanwwOQV72a8jOu2yiST

StreamPlayer: Buffering song data...

StreamPlayer: File size 6979kb; length 7:26; 128kbs mp3

StreamPlayer: Buffer full (70691); starting playback

StreamPlayer: Exception while starting --> NAudio.MmException: AcmNotPossible calling acmStreamSize

at NAudio.MmException.Try(MmResult result, String function)

at NAudio.Wave.Compression.AcmStream.SourceToDest(Int32 source)

at NAudio.Wave.WaveFormatConversionStream.SourceToDest(Int32 source)

at NAudio.Wave.WaveFormatConversionStream..ctor(WaveFormat targetFormat, WaveStream sourceStream)

at NAudio.Wave.WaveFormatConversionStream.CreatePcmStream(WaveStream sourceStream)

at Client.NAudioStreamPlayer.Play(String URL) in E:\Codin' Projects\Saver Project\Client\NAudioStreamPlayer.cs:line 359

StreamPlayer: Song transfer canceled

StreamPlayer: File size 0kb; length 0:00; 128kbs mp3

Client: Failed to play song, retrying in 10s

Client: Player closed

Any idea why playback errors out?

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