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Auto Rick/nyan On Mark Iv


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I need some help on auto rick rolling/nyan on my mark IV. Instead of the regular files, i have created my own which needed to be put on a usb because of the size. I created links to the files in the /www/ folder and changed the dns spoof to *.

Now the problem is that when i go to, it directs me to an index page showing the contents of the /www/ and not the actual html file....ha ha ha. I have already changed the dnsmasq.conf to redirect all traffic to

Any clues on getting it to work? Thanks :)

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still no luck... if you have nothing better to do, could you give me the actual command that i need to put into the redirect.php? i rather not place the actuall HTML content in the file.

Thanks again for the help :)

I don't use redirect.php for rolls because It is unnecessary, the redirect.php file is used for phishing, unless you want some sites to be redirected to one roll and others to the second one.

u can try out my random roll at http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?showtopic=26036&st=0&p=199159&hl=+random%20+roll&fromsearch=1entry199159

it works great and does not show links to the folder where the rolls are stored, but requires the .html files to link to pics/sounds with absolute paths "if your wanting to add your own"

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