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Weather Proof Pineapple Box

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Hello community. I am considering getting this


for covert deployment of the pineapple. Has anyone experimented with the battery-packed Pinapples in an enclosure? I know Darren did a segment using an Otterbox but considering this would be used for outdoor use (say around the local coffee shop or campus)there is the high probability of exterior adding to any natively generated heat. Is there any risk of burning out the electronics or battery pack?


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Yep I have extensively. The old Mark3 would definitely overheat (see my/others fan-mod posts if you have a mark3) even without an enclosure if you were...lets say "intensively" using it. The mark4 seems to be cool as a cucumber, though I guess I'm not sure what 3G solution you're using (if any) - that could add some heat. In general though, if you have a mark4 - heat is no problem.


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I ran a Mark IV back in the 1.0.0 days at an *** party, nearly filling the subnet, for about 4 hours housed inside a pelican case. The unit didn't even get warm!

I've tested every Pelican Micro kit available. The 1010 is great if you're a into modding a looking for something small. Sadly it doesn't fit much more than the PCB and our Pineapple Juice 3200 battery. 3G and WiFi antenna are outboard.

The 1040 will house a pineapple, battery, antenna and perhaps a 3G dongle if stripped down. It's a good footprint but takes some finagling.

The 1050 is best in my opinion. Similar footprint to the 1040 but with a deeper inside. It easily houses a pineapple and all essential accoutrements including battery pack, 3g dongle, usb hub and awus036nha and both antennas without modding. We actually have these cases on order now (just finished up the paperwork to become an authorized pelican distributor) and will have an uber elite package ready in time for DEFCON.

That said I've had similar success with otter boxes and the like. There are also plenty of good hobby boxes at Fry's or Radio Shack. I wired a on/off switch to one and applied several neodymium magnets for easy attachment to telephone poles and utility boxes. With a little spray paint you've got instant urban camouflage.

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Awesome, thank you for the feed back guys. I have definitely looked at the Otterbox options, however, the reason I am considering the one previously listed is because it is also weather proof, but would blend in more with exterior building hardware. Hypothetically, a Mk4 with a 3G dongle and a battery pack could be magnetically or otherwise attached near gas meters, power boxes, or sprinkler control boxes of local coffee shops or a campus location of your choice and draw little or no notice to the casual observer. I AM also looking at interior camouflage options, but in most settings, another blinking box near the server room or printer bay would probably be overlooked as well.

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