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Pineapple Using Windows 8 Beta?


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Sorry if this is elementary folks, I'm a newbie. Just got a pineapple (very excited) and trying to get it running with a Windows 8 laptop.

Is there a tutorial out there? anyone doing this? Should I just pour beer on my laptop and get a mac?


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Pour beer in a glass and give it to me.

I've never played with Windows 8, but from what little I know, they haven't changed the networking too much. Though it may be accessed from a different spot, you should still be able to get into your ethernet adapter (Local Area Connection) and assign a static IP, same as always. I can't imagine they'd leave that out of the developer preview. Once you get into your adapters settings, the instructions should be the same (ip:, subnet - turn on ICS, etc)

Let us know how it goes! There is no tutorial/how-to yet, so it'd be great if you could write one up!


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Hey Lister, You can use the pineapple with most OS's, windows 8 is similar to windows 7, and vista and so on, so most tuts for win7 that you find on the forum or youtube will work with win8. The only reason you really need to connect the pineapple to the computer is for ICS (internet connection sharing, supply's the pineapple with Internets) and to turn of and on elements via the pineapples handy dandy web page :)

Hope this helps, i am still waiting on my parts coming to build mine, all of what i have mentioned above is just what i have gotten through reading about the pineapple and stuff, so it might not all be right, but i think it is.

- Anton.

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