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Battlefield 2142


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Just wondering if any of you guy's play Battlefield 2142? My soldier name is Anton7, i play when i can. 2142, Probably the best & last true battlefield game. Heard dice were also meant to be bringing out a Battlefield 2143, though it's just speculation, though these in game BF3 ester eggs do look pretty hop full, i mean who just puts 2143 on the side of a box?


- Anton

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Im a Bad Company 2 and Vietnam player as well as BF3 player. I go by DigiP on BC2 and DigipToo on BF3. PC only though, no consoles.

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I think all of my pre BC2 copies are lost by now. I have BC2/Vietnam on Steam and BF3 on Origin, haven't played 2142 in a long time.

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