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Xerox Scan To Folder

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Hey all - really could use some ideas - let me explain the issue.

We've setup 195 Xerox Printers to be able to Scan to a network folder location (1 location) The Xerox's are using a Scan template (the template contains - Scan location, Domain, Username, Password) So no manual input is being done by the end user. The scan to network folder is using SMB protocol over port 139. We have ACLs set on each locations router to allow this traffic.

Now the problem we are seeing is the service account used on each Xerox - is randomly being locked out by the Printers. We know the password is correct on the printers (as a few minutes or hours prior to the printer locking the account out we have successful files being placed inside the folder)

I thought grabbing a pcap file of the traffic - but honestly I don't think Xerox support is going to be of any help with this one.

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Does your file servers logs and printer logs contain any indication if it is locking the printers out for a reason? That is where I would start to tackle this sort of issue.

Also does access return after a while or do you have to manually reset something?

Possible causes that spring to mind include the possiblity that there is a limit on the number of concurrent connections allowed by the server and when X number of multi-function devices (MFDs) have connected to it at the same time any more that try to connect are getting blocked. This sort of thing can be compounded if MFDs don't play nicely and disconnect after writing the file.

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Apart from making sure, the scanner has the correct user/pass, also make sure the shared folder, has write permission set or the scanner will not be able to save the documents.

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Thanks for the ideas guys so far no luck - Jason I was leaning towards that as well. However, we have File Shares that have 200+ users connected at one time. - however they are not using the same account. I will dig through the event logs more. I've been paying more attention to the logs and reports that come from QRadar - time to get down and dirty.

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Found the answer - not sure why - yet. Drove out to the site and setup wireshark - even though the account was setup correctly it was still failing. Wireshark SMB packets stated incorrect Login - which I KNEW was wrong. I remembered a while back setting up SQL 2008 and the account had issues unless the domain name was in all CAPS - sure enough - changed the domain name to all CAPS and Boom it worked - no more lock outs!!

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