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Femtocell Pineapple


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Similar to the functionality and deployment methods of the WiFi Pinapple, has anyone considered looking at making a 3G/4G Femtocell?

The price of the hardware is getting a lot cheaper and it seems to be a natural evolution of the idea.

I.e. Accept all cellular Data, SMS and maybe voice connections. 

Connect all Internet, SMS and voice calls to free/paid SIP and/or Mobile SIM and/or free WiFi gateway.

I assume there are issues to consider with respect to the auth process undertaken by the handset when connecting to a MITM cell, but I assume this can be overcome by using the roaming functionality, which is often used between carriers to provide regional/international flexibility & carrier redundancy.

If the Femtocell supported all the global frequencies, this would also provide the ability to review international visitors.

Anyway, it was just an idea.

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