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Have You Converted Pineapple Filesystem From Jffs2 To Ubifs

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Are you using jffs2 or ubifs on the nand rootfs for the pineapples? I recently converted my sheevaplugs from jffs2 to ubifs and boot dropped to @20 seconds. I just received my pineapple and am in the process of looking for a serial cable so I can get down to the uboot level.

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Interesting idea gsporter - please let us know the results here on this thread so we can follow suit!


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I haven't even realy had to look at what distro is used on the pineapple yet. Here is a link for building ubifs versions of the kernel and rootfs

Enabling UBIFS

There are pre-built kernels available for download at least for the arm cpu

You can google pwnplug 1.1 reviews for an idea of the speed increase.


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