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Battlefield 3 Premium Just Announced


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Have been watching E3 coverage on G4 and they have just announced Battlefield 3 premium.

  • 20 new maps
  • 20 new weapns
  • 10+ new vehicals
  • 4+ new game modes
  • 30+ new assignments
  • 20+ new dog tags

If you purchase today it is 49.99 It goes up after that but I am not sure how much. I think 69.99 but I may be wrong.

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I bought the premium pack for all 5 expansions for 49.99. Close Quarters is out now for PS3, and June 11 for PC and rest of world. When other expansions come out, Ill get them all automatically since I bought early. I already owned karkand, so I don't need to get that again with the pack, but will be nice to have 20 new maps, plus 20 new weapons and 10 new vehicles, which will now include a motorcycle. The new maps look sick too. If you bought early, you get a teaser video when you logon to your homepage profile.

The new medal of honor looks even better though. Loved the last one, so looking forward to that in October.

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Been playing the BF series on the PC since BF1942, didn't like BF3 at first but it has grown on me. The problem with EA / DICE is they are always wanting peoples money, i already paid extra for BF3 Limited Edition, now it looks like i am going to have to fork out about the same amount of money i paid for the game just to play 1 of the expansions in the premium... :( do you know if they will allow us to buy the expansion packs individually? like b2k? ea and dice always make there buying models foggy...

- Anton

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