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Openvpn And Wifi Pineapple


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Hey guys,

Anyone tried the OpenVpn openwrt module on the pineapple? i am keen to have a second deployable pineapple that:

a) receives an ip address from the lan its plugged into via eithernet

B) bridges the lan to OpenVPN

c) setup dyndns out a 3g modem plugged into the pineapple

d) VPN my desktop machine through the 3g tunnel and receive an ip from the lan the pineapple is connected too.

I like the idea of handing my mates the pineapple so they can plug it into switches at lan parties so i can game with them (on closed lan servers) remotely through the pineapple vpn connection. Could the pineapple handle the flow? mass pineapple mesh network? :)

Think this is possible? or will an openvpn endpoint be to resource intensive for the pineapple.



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I love the idea of vpn'ing into the pineapple (remember the interceptor?!) and accessing a victims network. I don't see why it wouldn't be possible - 400mhz should handle a little vpn action, but I'm not too sure about gaming over a vpn though...sounds lag-tastic...unless of course you're into MUDs or something hahaha. Give it a shot and let us know!


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I know this was a few months ago, but was there any progress? I've been trying to get ANY type of VPN setup working (racoon, ipsec-tools, openvpn, etc) and have had zero joy. Pretty frustrating.

I just received a TL-MR3020 router and tried to stick ipsec-tools on it but not enough space. No joy with openvpn either - grrrrr.

Any comments or help would be very welcome, im at the point where I cannot go any further.


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