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paltalk green nickname funny way to subscrib..........


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hello folks some people don't belive me when i say that i can subscribtions my own nickname to xtre....m only with 1$ maybe with 0.50 $ lol yeah that's true coze i do it and paltalk disable and hide the price... from middle east coze this reason wanna see some picture about this no problem

here it is



any one wanna to know the way i will post how to do this but hope paltalk dunna do with y'all folks like it do with me disable the subscrib..... and hide price on my own country hehehehe

and this is another picture which mean what i say


lol catch y'all later folks

with the full way to do that

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Presumably this guy did something to make PalTalk (which, I might add, looks like the saddest excuse for web entertainment since MySpace) only charge his credit card for 50 cents for a service they normally charge 60 bucks for.

If it's legitimate, this should've gone into the Hacks, Mods and Code section, but let's see some additional info to see if it's worth the effort.

I wouldn't be at all amazed if this is another one of those 'edit the amount of the paymet form' hacks. The type that sites can and should check for.

We'll see....

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heya folks i upload small movie explain all of the way to do that

this is the link http://www.sendspace.com/file/vwku25

and to run this movie you will need an program called flv player

this is the link for download


have fun and hope y'all like it and it's working :)

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