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Use Blackberry Tethering


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Hi, I was wondering if there is an any way to connect a Blackberry and make use of tether[hxxp://tether.com/] for internet as Blackberry has a 3g/4g Modem in it. As I already have data plan and my Blackberry happens to be on a CDMA network so there is no SIM that I can pull out and use it with a usb 3g/4g modem.

P.S. Planning to buy a WiFi Pineapple regardless, but this be one of the use, so that I can have my personal hotspot. My bb doesn't allow wifi tethering...it's old

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Without sounding like a fanboy the simple fact is android creates the best enviroment for intercompatability with openwrt/linux etc, if you want to get you blackberry to work I suggest you search for openwrt and blackberry teathering and trying to install packages and such to get it working. As supply and demand will probarly not result in blackberry teathering been included in stock pineapple firmware.

Before you mess around with getting these packages to work and changing configurating files I would suggest that you get comfortable with the re-flashing of the pineapple just incase!

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