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Opensource Router With Multiple Wan Support?


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Hey Guys,

I am trying to help a small tech shop get set up and currently they cannot get Cable unless they sign a year contract with Time Warner, and otherwise can only get DSL. Crappy DSL at that. However they can get a number of lines and AT&T does not support Bonding of lines in any way shape or form. Not really looking for more download speed, just some load balancing. I can't seem to find a DD-WRT unit that will do it, m0n0wall and smoothwall don't support it.

The other Caveat is that it needs to support PXE either directly or through DNSmasq much like DD-WRT using another machine for the PXE server.

Thanks guys

Here's hoping something exists!

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Pfsense can do it. Also, Untangle (if you pay for the plugin). I was looking for a way to do this a while back but got too busy.m0n0wall and smoothwall should support it as well. Ideally if you just setup a PC with one of these firewalls, you can plug a wifi router into the PC and have that for the wireless side.

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