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Good morning,

It 's the first time I use the operating system backtrack 5 r2,

I have the following problem unlike ubuntu: I have the Huawei E122 internet key is I can not configure,

since it is the application wicd, I do not do automatic configuration for connecting the key guy like UBUNTU. In backtrack 5 how to make a set?? '

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Here's a quick guide, to help you out.


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I tried many attempts:

1 attempt:

to obtain the IP address, gateway, netmask I used this command: sudo route the key does not recognize it and gives me out of the data I need. to add the connection manually.

2 attempt:

I tried to download network-manager-gnome.deb as it installed, the symbol for the network manager to install it

3 attempt

the network manager wicd, why is not the setup wizard to install the internet key?? not like ubuntu 12.04

4 effort:

I tried to install the drivers for this stick but no success, because the operating system recognizes the part but lacks the configuration manager How do I solve????

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Wicd won't work for this because its a mobile usb modem, not a nic card. You need to find a compatible linux program for use with mobile(3g, 4g) dial up cards.

There is a thread here, but your mileage may vary depending on the device and if you can find the software in question. Disclaimer, the software in question might also be rouge software, so use with caution - http://www.backtrack-linux.org/forums/showthread.php?t=47404&highlight=Huawei

A MiFi might be a better solution.

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With much research we have finally managed to install and now the key Huawei works.

Would you mind posting how you got this to work? I'm almost certainly going to go down a similar route within the next few weeks so your instructions will save me a lot of time!

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Hi Lain

Here are the steps to configure any internet key for you:

1) First you need to search in google DRIVERS MOBILE PARTNER "the brand of your stick" in linux

2) As you have finished downloading, you must install

3) in my case the installation went as follows:   

- I only logged in as root   

- Always with the terminal are entered in the extracted folder, and I went where there is the file "install"   

- I typed: sudo bash "address where you will find the install folder until you find" install   

- I repeat: sudo bash "address directory" install

4) just installed, you must configure the software by going to options or preferences and enter your carrier's dataAnnulla modifiche

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