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Drupal question ?


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Hey everyone. I have recently been thinking of making my own website / blog. I have a blog through blogger, but I want something that is pretty easy to use and more features. So I think Drupal is the write option.

I was wondering what I need to be running to setup Drupal? What OS is the best, which webserver/ftp server setup?

I downloaded the drupal file. There is so many things in the file that I have no clue what to do with? If anyone has a Drupal site setup, mabey somone could teach me a way to set it up?

Or is there a better community based program better than Drupal?

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First off if you didn't understand the Drupal files you may not want to be setting up your own FTP/Web server. Now on the other hand if you think you got it Apache is always a great choice as a webserver. I had drupal setup at one time on my site. I have web hosting done for me was just easier option for myself and drupal was a very simple install a few config changes and upload the files to the server. Let me look it over and I will get back to you on the install. 8)

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