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How A Datacenter Works


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So I have always been curious about how a data center works. Some people get all hyped about hot rods and cars, when I see a data center video or pictures I am always trying to look at the details. I have probably seen every data center video on you tube and all the "home" data centers to see how people do it differently.

My first question is if anyone knows where this picture was taken.


My second question is how do datacenters fail over their ip addresses. I know they have multiple internet providers but when one assigns an ip address what happens when that provider goes down. How does the ip address transfer to the other providers.

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I think this is it.



Multiple Links, Single IP address (space)

This is what in general is meant with Multihoming. With the use of a routing protocol, in most cases BGP, the end-site announces this address space to its upstream links. When one of the links fails, the protocol notices this on both sides and traffic is not sent over the failing link any more. Usually this method is used to multihome a site and not for single hosts.

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