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Pen Testing Tools Within Ubuntu


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Hi Guys,

Just a question i normally use BT5 for all my pen testing stuff it's currently a hobby and i like to mess around sniffing my friends packets.

now they all seem to of clocked on that when my acer comes out running BT5 that they should get off the netbook so i was wondering is there a way to install specific tools from BT into ubuntu or something more casual looking.

Only really after installing a few mitm tools and possibly getting the YAMAS script to work for a bit of ease.

has anyone done this previosly and could help me out?

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I run everything in openSUSE. I have BT5 on an SD card if I need it but I rarely use it. I always use openSUSE.

About the only thing I have not been able to install in SUSE is airpwn. And trust me that was not without trying.

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