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Limit Dns Spoof To Certain Domains

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Hi all,

I'm loving my new Mark IV. I've upgraded the to firmware to 2.0.0 and I've got most of the basic functions working, but I'm still teaching myself php and learning about all the tools.

My question pertains to DNS Spoof. Is it possible to redirect only certain domains but allow other requests to pass through normally? I have DNS Spoof working so that facebook.com redirects to my phishing page, but I would like all other DNS requests to resolve normally (i.e., if a client requests google.com they actually get google.com). Right now it appears that all requests are directed to "redirect.php" which then loads "error.php." if there is no entry for the domain in "redirect.php"

Thanks for your help with this noob question!

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I'm just starting out with my own Mark IV, so I'll share what I've learned so far.

As Aikidokajeff said, first remove the line: *

Then you can create entries like this: *.facebook.com *.twitter.com

All traffic to other domains will go through unintercepted. You can verify it's working as intended by looking at /www/pineapple/logs/dnsspoof.log.

Hope this helps!


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