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Should I Use Custom Database Or Use Sqlite3?


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Hi everyone :)

I am developing a toolkit with new tools for man in the middle attacks.

Quick question/survey : Should i use sqlite3 or should i make a text-file-database ?

From a performance point of view I'd use SQLlite3.

It's a lot easier and cleaner to maintain than flat-file database.

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I would go with sqlite, if you need text reports from the results then it wouldn't take long to code a script to extract the results you are interested in and export them in whatever format you want.

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Depends on the application and how its used. If the code in general is cross platform or run from a stand alone executable, and you have a need for portability, flat files are nice to keep on thumb drives with all the scripts in tact.

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Isn't sqlite cross platform?

I'd encourage you to use sqlite. It's small and doesn't need much besides the library plus relatively fast. And why re-invent the wheel? Put your energy into making an awesome tool instead.

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