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Hello, I that the the man in a middle is good. But that if we could do some thing like an access to the computer, we could get the maximum of information from the client and then get in to buy a tunnel.

We could use the association with a home network.

Mack an interface for it.

and add a possibility for getting a wpa protection on the pineapple because some times you just what to use it as normal router.


Sorry for my english.

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To quickly answer your points above:

Try out using Backtrack - version 5 is the latest. This comes with a tool called metasploit already pre-configured.

Metasploit* is basically the de facto tool for penetration testing at the moment, and a part of that is a GUI tool called Armitage, which is a very straight-forward way to see how you can test the security of connected devices. Once a device is connected to your pineapple, you can scan it and see OS information, possible attack vectors and such.

Metasploit can also create tunnels back to your machine for further control.

While the pineapple is great for pentesting, I personally think it's a waste to use it for a home network, it's a bit like buying a porsche for going to the shops. Looks cool, but so much more potential. Buy a cheap wrt router and install openwrt on that.

* I know that there are other tools Social Engineering Toolkit, BEef Toolkit etc, but because of Armitage, I think metasploit is just better:


Metasploit Unleashed - Good Place to get info Here

Penetration testing using Armitage (Hak5) Video

Pineapple as AP Here

PS: Why own the box when you can snarf their details?? :)

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