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Running Osx In Vmware From Ubuntu


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I have tried and never been able to get OSX to run in a VM.

Honestly the amount of time I have spent on it in the past does not really justify the usefulness I would get out of having OSX in a VM in the first place. I mean its OSX, whats it good for?

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Look for the x86 mac project, there used to be a ported image of mac that ran under x86 hardware. Its completely illegal though, and images of it would have to come off pirated sites like the pirate bay, but there used to be instructions on how to make your own disk image of your MAC system while booted under linux, to then import that image into virtual disk environments. Best bet is having a MAC to make your own port, but if you have a mac, much easier to just hack the machine itself and kind of defeats the need for a virtual mac, although the idea of a virtualized mac come in handy for tech junkies who need to know how to use multiple operating systems, and can also revert to snapshots when learning/breaking things. Early on in Hak5 season 1 I beleive, Harrison demonstrated how to get OSX onto a windows laptop hardware and what the requirements were.

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I don't like the idea of not knowing how to exploit OSX, the only reason I want to install it is to pwn it : )

Very well, that’s a reason.

I had OSX on My Dell Mini 10V a while back. It was triple booted and it became to hard making the gpt/ntfs hybrid partition table work so I wiped it out. I use Linux most of the time and I could not upgrade without completely rebuilding the system. So now I just use Linux and Win7.

Why not just try and get an old G4 imac. there dirt cheap and run OSX. I know there not the x86 version but still could be fun. You could also buy an old Dell mini. They run Lion really well. They have the same hardware as a Mac mini.

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