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Hi guys,

I just want to see what people think about the following:


I have a Pogoplug v2, which I long ago used for a small developmental webserver at home, whilst also playing about with ssh. Now, when I first jacked it up with Linux, it was the bog standard Arch, and while I am a fan of it (low power, small footprint etc), when I got the Pineapple, I started wondering about ways to connect them together effectively. One of the advantages of the pogoplug is it's many usb ports (think usb memory, 3g, wifi and pineapple all running together) and it's low price and small form factor.

I think there was a post somewhere else in the forums, where someone set up a pogoplug with two alfa cards to form a pineapple-like machine, and while this looked ok, it still wasn't for me.

I have now installed Debian, using IronGeek's tutorial (Here) and installed Metasploit/Social Engineering Toolkit and Beef. In Irongeek's original post, he calls it a Svarkast, literaly a 'dropbox', where once it's connected to a victim's network, its pwned it.

The Svarkast box looks useful, and my next step is to get something like neinsager running with the two devices (using an alfa card on the pogoplug), which would turn it into the mother of all evil hotspots.

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Maybe go back and talk with IronGeek. I know hes put a lot of effort into the pogoplug, he might have a few nuggets of info on how to merge the rest of what you want. If not, still worth the talk, might inspire him to come up with something new. Hes a crafty one with hacks like this and very knowledgeable about the pogo, so sure he would find some interest in it. Might even be trivial considering its already running Debian, can't be too far from a Karma like device, which is what the Pineapple is doing anyway. Don't forget to pick Digininjas brain a bit. He is afterall one of the people if not the man who got Karma on the Fon, what everyone today calls the "pineapple".

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I was the one that setup the pogo plug to act like the pineapple with two alfa networking cards, It is a debian install with a kernel that supports the alfa cards for master mode. ( i have just automated the irongeek process and added some setup scripts)

I am not quite sure what you are after in setting this up but you should really just check out the code in pineapplepie.googlecode.com. It has the install routines, the scripts, networking files, web interface written with ruby on rails and other nice misc bits that you should find interesting in setting up your device.

I have not setup tor, metaspolit, or set in those install scripts for the device but have gotten most of the cool apt-get programs, and have set up some scripts for ssh, vpn, and 3g connections.

Please let me know what you are up too and I would love to help.

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