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Evil Twin Method


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Could realy do with some help with this one,i had the fake ap going afew weeks ago but come to try it agian but having no luck, its the evil twin method that i have been trying out (h##p://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6I0GeEh22c).In the new dhcpd.conf file i had to make,it looks like this,

ddns-update-style ad-hoc;

default-lease-time 600;

max-lease-time 7200;

subnet netmask {

option subnet-mask;

option broadcast-address;

option routers;

option domain-name-servers;



When i have got it all up and running,when i try to connect to the fake router its doesnt always let me connect, and when it does it just comes up with my normal google page and not the verizon pgae, i have all the right files in my /var/www/ but still no luck.now my deafualt gateway on my router is, should i be making changes to my dhcpd.conf file i have made up.


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Are the victims able to obtain an IP address at all, when connecting to your Evil Twin?

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Thanks for the reply, but i got it sorted, not sure why it was not working, if i typed localhost on my attacking computer, everything worked great,but when i came to connect to the fake AP with my victim comp, for some reason it wouldnt let me connect. Had a day or two away from it,came back and had another go with the same settings, and hey presto. If anybody can put some light on this then that would be great.


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