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Please Add Bluetooth Tethering Support


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Hello Hak5 crew,

I just wanted to know if it would be possible to add bluetooth tethering support to the pineapple so like that those who don't have 3g dongles can tether internet to the Mark 4 wirelessly over bluetooth. Something like this: https://forum.openwrt.org/viewtopic.php?id=21211 .

Right now I have read and tried every forum post on the internet that deals with either bluetooth or tethering or even both but have found no solution as of yet.All I would love to do is to get tethering to work between my iphone 3gs and Mark 4. I know there are also many others out there looking to maybe tether their phones with the mark 4 so it would be kool if this useful feature would be added in future releases.

Thanks for your time and have a kick ass day


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I had a really good reply but apparently the forum wanted none of it.

Well my reply was basically that having the Alfa support would be great but having Bluetooth tethering support would be slightly better in terms of roaming capabilities. Imagine taking the train in to work everyday with a tethered wifi pineapple serving up pay as you go internet to customers on the train. You can not only make a good amount of money that pays for the data you use and then some but you would be also benefiting from a larger audience for when lets say you are in an area where a wifi hotspot is not located or is locked down. In the end I believe both the Alfa and the bluetooth tether support would be a great addition but I think in terms of usability for a person that travels a lot the tethering would be a better addition to the pineapple.

What do you think?


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Petertfm is saying instead of tethering with bluetooth, tether with wifi. Most smartphones support creation of a wifi hotspot. If making money on a train is all your after - why use a pineapple? Just turn on the hotspot feature on your phone and charge people. If you don't have that feature on your phone, buy a openwrt router that supports the BT tether and off you go - or you could just flash openwrt onto your pineapple, removing all the cool features, and load up the tethering packages. Pineapples are meant to be pen testing security-related devices, not money making fons imho


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I agree with telot

If your plan is solely to provide a wifi hotspot with internet provided via your phone, just use a wifi tether app.

However i could imagine you want to have a redirect page explaining people they can use internet by paying you. That's when a pineapple comes in handy :)

I don't disagree on having bluetooth support, but for now external wifi adapter support is the main priority ;)

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2nd Wifi + Ettercap Filters..... yummy

Just wait to see all the fun that will bring

Telot is right, just go for another openwrt platform, much cleaner for what you are wanting to do. You don't need all the overhead of Karma to become a pay-for-internet provider. Plus is this a really viable business plan?

From my experience getting signal in a subway is horrid unless the provider is specifically partnered with the municipality. Oh maybe you are talking about above ground trains...

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