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Pineapple Control Center

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Really looks awesome B)

Is this an app for android/iphone? I love It:-D

I think it's just a touch friendly web interface. Would be easier to update and why need a special app when you already have a browser on Android/IOS/RIM/Maemo ;)

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Mobile formatted pineapple site! Could we edit index.php to have a flag to forward you to the mobile site if it detects you're on a phone/tablet? Not only that, but I love how its not black background with red/green text. While I do love the hacker colors on the pineapple - as I've mentioned before sometimes its nice to be able to innocently check my phone and get pineapple updates (thats why I use the emailed logs) in public without fear of a over-the-shoulder-looker saying "Hey! Whats all that then?!"...Great work as always WM! Now you need a Donate button just like Seb needs!


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Is there any thing you can't code? WOW! Looks awesome! :D

Can't wait to try it out...

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