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Pineapple - Questions Before I Buy...


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Hey folks.

Long time lurker, first time poster.

Considering a 2 unit purchase of the famed Wifi Pineapple. One for me, one for my boss.

I'm getting my head around BT5 gradually, and have become pretty proficient in it's use with devices like the Alfa which I'm sure many of you are familiar with.

My boss is completely point-and-click windows.

My questions, before I buy a few of these units:

-Using Reaver, can the Pineapple crack WPA/WPA2 out of the box?

-If so, is there a GUI or is it command line?

-Does the Aircrack suite have a built in GUI?


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Oh well i ordered the Pineapple yesterday, had no clue it cant do Reaver. I though it was supported =) Well i think its just a matter of time before its working with the Jasager. And anyhow i got the Alfa wireless that does reaver with no worries.

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