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Discovery Communications To Acquire Revision3

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Discovery Communications to Acquire Top Digital Video Provider Revision3

Purchase Will Bolster Discovery’s Leadership in Creating & Delivering Content Across All Screens

(Silver Spring, Md. ) Discovery Communications announced today that it has entered into an agreement to acquire San Francisco-based digital video provider Revision3. Leveraging Revision3’s vast experience in creating engaging online video content in a cost-effective manner, the transaction helps fuel Discovery’s strategy of being the number one nonfiction media company on all screens.

“Discovery's mission to ignite viewers' curiosity and its history of pioneering new platforms – from cable to HD to 3D – make it the logical leader in this explosive new wave of digital video growth," said JB Perrette, Chief Digital Officer, Discovery Communications, who made today’s announcement. “With Revision3’s industry-leading management team and roster of great talent, we look forward to cultivating more original content and fresh personalities that resonate with passionate communities online and across all platforms, while enhancing our innovative marketing solutions for advertising partners.”

The leading independent Internet digital video production company, with more than 23 million monthly unique viewers across 27 digital channels, Revision3 has created a technology and distribution platform that powers the scalable production, monetization and distribution of video content for passionate online communities. With programs hosted by authentic online celebrities, including top bloggers, Twitter stars and YouTube sensations, the company’s content aligns with many of Discovery’s top linear program genres, such as tech, cooking and popular science. Revision3 boasts one of the 10 largest networks on YouTube and distribution with more than 40 other partners including iTunes, Google, AOL, Yahoo!, TiVo, Roku, Boxee, CNET and Zune.

“Revision3 has always focused on creating compelling programs featuring authentic hosts that sit at the center of engaged and targeted communities,” said Jim Louderback, CEO of Revision3. “We’re huge fans of Discovery’s networks, and couldn’t imagine a more appropriate company to team up with to develop the future of original web-based video.”

Revision3 was founded in 2005 by Kevin Rose (Digg, TechTV), Jay Adelson (Digg, Equinix) and David Prager (TechTV). Louderback, former editor-in-chief of PC Magazine and a veteran of TechTV, joined Revision3 as CEO in 2007. Louderback and team will continue their leadership of Revision3 under the new ownership structure.

For this transaction, Discovery Communications was advised by Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP, and Revison3 was advised by RBC Capital Markets and Gunderson Dettmer Stough Villeneuve Franklin & Hachigian, LLP.

The acquisition is subject to customary closing conditions, and the parties expect the closing to occur on or before June 1.

Another story from AllThingsD: http://allthingsd.com/20120503/discovery-communications-gets-a-web-video-arm-courtesy-of-revision-3/

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WOW :blink:

I love the Discovery Channel!

Hope nothing changes.

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This could be spectacular, however I am 100% sure it will have some impact on the show at some point in the near future (maybe next season). Discovery have all sorts of content creation rules (just like Disney) and may start to inflict them.

You wont find a lot of shows on Discovery that are showing the hosts sipping on a random beer for example, or as per Mythbusters some "super secret" thing cant be shown for fear of blowing off your arm, translated in HAK5's case providing information on how achieve something that would impact badly if learned on the Discovery network.

It may also put pay to the fun "home grown" ads too, no more shower scenes ?

We will also now never see the planed upgrade to the pineapple that allows you to light a flatus

Time will tell. I which you all the best from Sheep land!



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I would hate to state the obvious but I doubt things will stay the same.

That's what we thought when G4 bought TechTV and we all know what happened there. How long did it take before every TechTV show was gone and replaced with a bunch of gaming shows for noobs.

I am not sure what Hak5's agreement is with Revishion3 but hopefully they still own the rights to the program and can just go solo again if anything weird happens. I hate to say it but based on content I see Hak5 going first. Don't get me wrong I don't mean its bad content, I just mean that the show in general talks about subject maters that Discovery might have a problem with. At least that’s how most liberal media company’s are.

I honestly really hope I am wrong, but I doubt I am.

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Man, I'm REALLY sorry to hear this. Hak5 is a brilliant show that, like for most of us viewers, is a very special show "just for us".

I was just thinking yesterday as I watched EP1111 how awesome it is that Darren and crew produce this incredibly unique show, have been doing it for ages, and it's as strong as it ever was. THAT is people doing things RIGHT. A lot of the appeal for me is that Darren, Snubsie, et al aren't confined by bullshit corporate rules, marketing fux, and other useless cling-on shitheels who milk the corporate teat by trying to "define" their target audience for maximum profit.

When Darren whips out a brew, or a drink, while educating us on this or that, it's just nonchalant and biz as usual, I too settle in to the show like we're in the same room...it gives it a feel like the show is just for me. It seems like a small thing, but it just shows the freedom this show has to do things it's OWN way, and has proven that it's successful for doing just that.

The audience defines the targeted content in Hak5...it's written by geeks, for geeks. The quaintness of the show is part of the draw for me. I L-I-K-E that it's not filtered through some marketing knob's idea of "where the show should go".

That said, I hope and pray that the show remains untouched, but I can't see how it will, and of course Discovery doesn't invest time and money without intending to turn a profit on that investment.

Profit = Change or elimination in most cases.

Darren, man, I wish nothing but the best for you, Snubsie, and the entire Hak5 crew. I've recently found this show and am VERY fond of it...it's like my geek friends showing up in my living room to take the time to educate me in a very down to earth way on specific things that are of extreme interest to me.

I hope beyond all hope that this doesn't put the brakes on Hak5, or change in any significant way, how you do your show or what you include in your show.

I feel EXTREMELY fortunate to have found Hak5, and Darren has single-handedly taught me more about linux than I'd have ever done on my own. It's been the SOLE inspiration for me to break free and dive head-first into linux...this from guy who's been in the IT trenches for 30 years.

I really hope Hak5 doesn't go away. I watch the show via Roku and it's become a regular part of my life.


Darren, Snubsie, and crew...a sincere thanks for all you do, and saying a prayer that this winds up being a step UP for you all, and not a step backwards.

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I feel EXTREMELY fortunate to have found Hak5, and Darren has single-handedly taught me more about linux than I'd have ever done on my own. It's been the SOLE inspiration for me to break free and dive head-first into linux...this from guy who's been in the IT trenches for 30 years.

I have to agree.

I love the cool Linux spots. I enjoy when Darren uses a super complicated command to get simple output. Like a while back when he piped 3 or 4 commands together to get a tree view. Its classic, and even better when other people write in to show a completely different way to do the exact same thing. Its Linux at its root, pun intended, lol.

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  • 2 weeks later...

It would be sad to see the show change, because of some corporate rules.

If that does happen, which I hope it does not, it would be a nightmare.

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Darren, man, I wish nothing but the best for you, Snubsie, and the entire Hak5 crew. I've recently found this show and am VERY fond of it...it's like my geek friends showing up in my living room to take the time to educate me in a very down to earth way on specific things that are of extreme interest to me.

:::Aww yeah face:::

Haha I've felt the same way about the show - It reminds me of in college, where we ran a small tutoring group for the philosophy department, where we'd drink beers and help each other out (yes, I graduated psy/phil major...biggest regret of my adult life is not going into comp sci). This is exactly how Hak5 feels, except its way more relevant to my life now that I have a real job lol. I too hope things don't change, but I believe during every single merger/buy out in the history of the world the company doing the merging/buying has said "Nothing will change"...but something ALWAYS changes - particularly with a publicly traded company where revenues must increase every single year. I'm not saying the change is always bad - these types of things are never black and white. The company I work for was bought out 4 years ago and its been a great thing - we have more personell resources, our business has expanded, and we have a bigger checkbook for investing in our inventory (i.e. macbook pros instead of 5 year old shitboxes). Hak5 has a lot going for it - the longest running show on rev3, a successful store, and one helluva dedicated community - no other rev3 show can claim any of that like hak5 can. If I had to guess I'd say that some of the more mainstream and funny shows (the social engineering show, maybe epic mealtime) could transition to television - but I'd guess the uber geeky shows will stay on the internet. Hopefully Discovery Networks will have learned from SHOWCASE/PurePwnage's mistake and not take something so esoteric and geeky as a show about hacking and try and bring it to the mainstream. Heres to hoping and good luck to all the hak5 crew - keep up the great work despite any adversity and we'll be here watching and supporting!


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Speaking of nothing changing...

Revision3 CEO: “Discovery Wants Us to Keep Doing What We’re Doing”


12 months later

Yeah, what your doing doesn't really interest us any more. We are going to need you to start filling out these reports for us, TPS reports.

Im interested to know how Hak5 is legally associated with Rev3 and now discovery communications. Are you just being sponsored or do you have a contract of sorts that would lets say prevent you from removing the hak5 show and assets from Dcomm to do things on your own if the need was present.

Are there any NCC or CNC's, NDA's etc. (non compete) ... stuff like this would make it practically impossible to save hak5 if dcomm made the decision that ended its future.

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What if Dcomm's legal team decides that the pineapple or that show on MITM attacks doesn't sit well. Does Dcomm have the authority to determine what you can and cannot do, air, etc?

I don't see Discovery having issues with this. What you do with knowledge and equipment is your responsibility. Guns kill people, but we're still aloud to buy them and own them. ;)

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