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Best Way To Log Traffic Going Through Mk4

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Hey guys, Iv been wondering whats the best tool to use to log the data to extract things like websites visited

Is there anything out there other than wireshark? I struggle with all the filters in wireshark you see so i was wondering

what you guys are using and if your using wireshark do you have any helpfull hints or tips??

Thanks guys ya'll own!!

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I use tcpdump (the module or search these forums/wiki for my guide on command line) configured to autostart or via WPS button press. Then I use wireshark to view the cap file. There really is no better program to do it with - you can use tcpdump, but theres no gui. For ideas on filters in wireshark, checkout some of Vivek's videos on securitytube.net. I recall him using wireshark A LOT during his wifi megaprimer. Watch those videos and you'll see first hand how to use filters in wireshark. Good luck!


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