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On screenkeyboard fun


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Onscreen Keyboard Utility

Okay, first off... i have a slipstreamed modified version of wnXP so i cant test it atm (currently downloading a new fresh version). But today during class i saw that the teacher had the "on screen keyboard" utility on, the interesting part is that this little application is actually allowed to run BEFORE it enters to windows (where you choose your picture and type in your password).

And since we can make our own executables or use others we can simply replace the *.exe related to this file and run any programs on that part of boot time. You may ask, and whats the use of that? here are some suggestions:

- Copy the data that comes off the IR thumb scanners (and use it to make fingerprints) There are articles on making 3D finger prints for less than $1 USD. :twisted: I can finally show my gay cousin his cheap IR password thing means nothing!!! (MUAHAHHHAHAHA)

- Would be a good place for one of those look here closely, get concentrated then show u a picture of something scary + loud noice.

- Make your on GUI with cool GFX and ambience sound! why not. <-- My 2nd fav idea for this...

- Some gadgets (calendar, RSS reader, Sticky notes for other users)

PS: Sorry i couldnt test this you guys before i posted it... i usually wouldnt do this, but i wanted to share this with everyone before i got 100% consumed by next weeks exams. :roll: Someone test this asap plz.

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