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Network Settings For Pentest Lab Setup

Skorpinok Rover

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Iam a newbie to pentest lab setup I want start with BT5R2 & Windows XP on VMware workstation, i have a single ethernet cable connection & no wireless, i would like to know what type of network connection should be selected inside virtual machine network adapter settings ? Please suggest me if you have any idea regarding my setup.


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Set the VM's to NAT, and they will all share the same subnet outside of your home lan. If you set them all to bridge, they would then share the same IP as your main desktop and other machines on your home network/router. Make sure the network adapters for VMware are started before booting the VM's or they might not see each other. Happens sometimes.

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Here is a nice guide, from the Metasploit team, on how to setup your own pen-testing lab.


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