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Sira - The Game


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Hey Guys,

Some of you may remember me, I did a short Documentary about Hak5 for a school project. I've now transferred from that community college to Savannah College of Art and Design, and I'm currently working on a Major in Sound Design.

Last quarter, I started working on an Indie game called SIRA, we have a Kickstarter page.


At this point we've got 5 days to go. We have already met our goal of $4k, but since Kickstarter takes a cut of the pledges, any more would be very helpful. It will be released Free to Play on Steam for Mac and PC this fall. Linux support is high on our list of things to do with extra money from Kickstarter.

Sira is a First Person Puzzle game. It's set on a futuristic Earth where a stellar mutation has caused the Sun to age considerably. Direct sunlight is now lethal, the oceans are vanishing, and the atmosphere dissolving.

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