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Mark 4 Setup Script

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Velkrosmaak, sounds like you've got some serious issues. Maybe you've modified something on your shell and it's causing errors.

Try changing the shebang line at the beginning of the script to use bash instead. Maybe it'll solve your issue. Just a shot in the dark because I've never seen a shell throw errors on empty lines.

#!/bin/sh to #!/bin/bash

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Nop, that wont work work. If i try "test test test" the result is "test".

Hmm if it worked before I don't know what to say?

Could try and remove the variable and quotes then type in the ssid within the command.

Maybe something in your ssid is a sed command?

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Hi, does this script work with Firmware 2.8.0?

I copied it and saved it on my pineapple but somehow it wont run.

When I run :

root@Pineapple:~# run: chmod +x pineapple-mk4-setup-script.sh; ./pineapple-mk4-setup-

Nothing happens..

And when I Try

root@Pineapple:~# chmod +x pineapple-mk4-setup-script.sh; /pineapple-mk4-setup-s

I get:
-ash: /pineapple-mk4-setup-script.sh: Permission denied

What am I doing wrong ?

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